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VAC Leadership
President Bobby Broughton
1st VP (Programs) Mike Ostrander
2nd VP (Angling Activities) Eric Webster
3rd VP (Conservation & Legislation) Suzanne Lucas
Treasurer Billy Butler
Recording Secretary Karen Anderson
Newsletter Secretary Carter Clevinger
Website Secretary Johnny Wetlaufer
Website Co-Secretary Eric Webster
Director 2018 Bob Brown
Director 2018 Capt Gary Green
Director 2018 John Wetlaufer
Director 2019 Art Conway
Director 2019 Buddy Noland
Director 2019 Eric Webster
Director 2020 Carter Clevinger
Director 2020 Fred Cousins
Director 2020 Fred Murray
Committee Chairmen
Angling Rules Chair Fred Cousins
A.R. Statistician Fred Cousins
A.R. Record Sheets Danny Noland
Angling Activities Eric Webster
Conservation & Legislation Suzanne Lucas
Country Store
Membership John Wetlaufer
Orientation Bob Brown
Programs Co-Chairman Mike Ostrander
Scale Certification Co-Chairman Larry Allen
Scale Certification Co-Chairman Ryan Noland
Special Activities Don West
Surf Team Captian Danny Noland